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Marble Cinderella grey Stair Treads slab tile

Marble Cinderella grey Stair Treads slab tile

    • Marble Cinderella grey Stair Treads slab  tile
    • Marble Cinderella grey Stair Treads slab  tile
  • Marble Cinderella grey Stair Treads slab  tile

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Xiamen, China
    Brand Name: YFS
    Certification: CE certificate
    Model Number: Cinderella Grey

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 100 sqm
    Price: negotiable
    Packaging Details: Wooden crate
    Delivery Time: 5-15 days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T,, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
    Supply Ability: 20000 sqm per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Color: Grey Usage: Stair Step
    Compressive Strength: 145.7 MPa Flexural Strength: 23.5 MPa
    Density: 2.71 G/cm³ Water Absorption: 0.12 %
    High Light:

    exterior stone stair treads


    stone step treads

    Marble Cinderella grey Stair Treads slab tile


    Staircase by ladder can be divided into single running stairs, double running stairs and more running stairs.
    The planar shape of the ladder is straight, polyline, and curved. Single running staircase is the simplest, suitable for the lower layer of the building; Double running staircase is the most common, there are double run straight, double run twists and turns, double run fold (parallel), etc., applicable to general civil buildings and industrial buildings; three-run staircase has 30 percent type, butyl type, division, etc., mostly used in public buildings ; The scissors staircase is composed of a pair of double running parallel ladders in opposite directions, or consists of a pair of overlapping and unconnected single-run straight ladders, with cross-sectional scissors, which can simultaneously pass through more flow of traffic and save space; The spiral ladder is supported by a fan pedal on the middle column, although the walk is not comfortable, but the space is suitable The use of infrequent places; round, semicircular, curved staircase, supported by curved beams or curved plates, step slightly fan-shaped, floral variety, lively shape, rich in decorative, suitable for public buildings.


    Cinderella marble, for natural marble. Origin is Guangxi. Its physical properties: Volume density: 2.71g/cm3, water absorption: 0.12%, compressive strength: 145.7MPa anti-fold intensity:. 5Mpa, surface porosity: 0.35%, wear test: 3.4mm, Impact test: 50cm.


    According to the function of the main there are safety ladders, fire ladders, automatic ladders three kinds.


    Safety Ladder Also known as evacuation staircase, for residential, public buildings and multi-storey plant

    emergency evacuation of the crowd. In addition to low-rise public buildings with high fire resistance grades and residential buildings below six storeys, other civil buildings such as medical care, performances, sports

    buildings and more than 5 storeys of collective dormitories and hotels, as well as multi-storey plants with more than 100~300 square meters per floor and more than 5~25 people at the same time, Should consider setting up stairs outside the main staircase for emergency evacuation. More than 10 storeys of unit residential or high-rise buildings, in order to prevent the building fire in the elevator well and staircase lost the ability to operate vertical traffic, the smoke staircase must be fortified. The number and width of safety ladders are determined according to the need to evacuate the flow of the population, and the slope is not greater than 45 °. Safety ladder open to the aisle door, it is advisable to use fire-resistant limit of more than 1.5 hours of fireproof doors, the above can be set up automatic fire extinguishing equipment. Doors at the exit of the security ladder should be opened outward, without prejudice to traffic, and must be connected to outdoor sites or roads. Evacuation stairs such as set up outdoors, smoke fast, evacuation effect is better.
    The safety ladder is mostly cast-in-water reinforced concrete staircase or steel staircase.


    Fire ladders Usually a steel staircase, intended for use by firefighters, whose location and quantity are determined according to the nature of the building, the number of layers and the fire protection requirements. The fire ladder is divided into two categories: straight upper type is mostly steel bar ladder, only used in the range of one or two layers of high difference, tilt type slope is 60°~80°, need to set handrail, bar plate and cantilever rest platform and so on. High-rise buildings in order to use the need and safety, on the platform left no less than 600x700 mm three-sided set of lifting port.
    The lower level of the fire ladder shall be 2~2.5 metres from the ground to prevent idle climbers from climbing.

    Automatic Ladder By the steel truss across the floor and the gear, pulley, guide rail, moving rod and so on, the operation is carried out by electric power. The slope of the escalator is about 30°, the width is single and double, and the speed of operation should be around 0.5 m/s. The arrangement of automatic ladder has parallel type, crossover type, mixed type and so on. Automatic ladder compared to the elevator has a high passenger transport rate and can continuously through the characteristics of the flow of traffic, applicable to department stores, stations, underground railways and other public places, as well as high-rise buildings in the local flow of more concentrated floors.


    Material Cinderella Grey
    Finish Polished, honed, flamed, bush hammered, sawn.
    Size Stair/riser:90-160x30-35x2-3cm.
    Package (Fumigated) wooden crate, pallet, bundle, etc.
    Loading port Xiamen
    Usage Contrustion inside and outside.
    Advantages Industrial experience of over 12 years ensures our clients to get satified products with fruitful profit.
    We have professional QC system ensures qualified products before shipping.
    Good partner relationship with carriers and forwarders makes our logistics efficient and cost-saved.


    Marble Cinderella grey Stair Treads slab  tileMarble Cinderella grey Stair Treads slab  tileMarble Cinderella grey Stair Treads slab  tileMarble Cinderella grey Stair Treads slab  tile




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